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2017 Swiss-Italy Trip Countdown (T-1)

Written by Jeff Drake
9 · 25 · 17

It’s time.

We leave tomorrow morning. We feel very much in sync with our traveling partners, Mike and Denise and are looking forward to seeing them again in the Zurich airport train station.

We were fortunate and got good seating in the aircraft. It’s a Delta and KLM route (via Amsterdam), so to me, that’s like going home again. Ah, I do miss the first-class upgrades though!

I’ve got plenty of reading material, as well as some great music – and melatonin, of course, which will force me to get some sleep on the plane.

We have to hit the road running when we arrive in Zurich if we hope to catch the train we want. There are later trains, but they all involve more transfers, which we’d like to avoid. Once we’re in Wengen, we can all kick back and relax!

Till then!


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