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2021 Utah Road Trip Days 4-8

Written by Jeff Drake
9 · 17 · 21
Sorry for anyone hoping to hear much more about our trip as it is happening and of course, the photos(!), but between technical difficulties (which I am still learning to overcome) and being too exhausted to blog at night after a long day, I’ve fallen way behind. BTW, I am posting photos periodically on my Facebook page, only because it is so easy to do so from my phone. I am opening up my Facebook to allow mor epeople (not too many, as I want to keep it small), so if you are interested, send me a friend request via facebook. Let me know who you are please. Also, be careful what you ask for. You may not like what I post occasionally.

I will add a random selection of photos to this post, without annotation. These photos are all from a hike we did yesterday down a trail called “Park AVenue”, within Arches National Park.  These pics are as is, unedited, warts and all, taken with my Samsung S21 Ultra phone.

Ugh, problems again. Photos will have to wait. Damn.

Five days in Arches is perfect! Moab isn’t bad for a tourist town, but everything is quite pricey! We are so happy we decided to revisit this most amazing and beautiful park!

I have been to few places on this planet where the effects of geologic time are so apparent. This, being our last day in the park, we’re going to see some dinosaur tracks, as an example. Looking around you can see the ancient ocean floor, carved out of sand and rock. At one place we visited, there was a salt bed 10,000 feet thick underneath our feet – the result not of one, but several very deep oceans that came into being, froze due to an ice age, dissipated, then arose again, multiple times over the millenia. It’s hard to get your head around – so much time involved!

I’ll have more to say about our trip once I return home.

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