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2024-06-21 AI Update!

Written by Jeff Drake
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2024-06-21 AI Update!

This past week, OpenAI added a new member to their board of directors: former US Army general and NSA Director Paul Nakasone. Nakasone was the longest-serving leader of US Cybercom. Up to last January, OpenAI had a ban on adding any military and warfare use of its AI systems. This restriction has been removed so that military uses such that align with OpenAI’s values, such as disaster relief and support for veterans.

I think adding the former NSA director to the board is a portent of what is to come. While the US may find itself awash with many AGI systems (AGI is coming!) in the 2026-2027 timeline, when it comes to the next phase, the so-called ASI systems (artificial super-intelligence), I fully expect the government to step in and perhaps, even take over. Some people in our government appear to finally be waking up to what ASI is going to mean, and our government will not want China to achieve ASI first.

So, what does ASI mean? Well, right now we are marching fast towards AGI and that means within the next two years we will have created an AI that is smarter than humans in everything it turns its attention to! As soon as this is accomplished (they are actually working in parallel) the focus will be on creating an even smarter ASI.  I am reading predictions that say the ASI may be up to one million times smarter than an AGI! One million times, folks!

What we need to remember is that an AI of any kind is a virtual entity if you will, one that lives in digital space. This means that once the AGI or ASI is achieved, they are NOT going to be a “one-and-done.” The AGIs and ASIs will be duplicated. Many times! I’m reading numbers of up to 1 million+ copies of an AGI may be involved in creating the ASI. Imagine telling a team of one million AGIs to research and figure stuff out!

Trying to control an ASI is going to be very important, and we are behind the 8-ball on this. I fully expect and am even willing to predict that before the ASI hits the street, our government will nationalize whatever project is farthest along and shutdown other efforts to achieve ASI. They are going to want to control the ASI and have it for themselves. The optimist in me says they will do this to benefit all of US society, but the realist in me says they will focus the ASI on miliary issues and cyber, meaning the rest of us may have to wait before the ASIs are turned loose on solving things like energy, world hunger, climate, etc. The only caveat here is that energy may have to get addressed earlier, even before we have an AGI. The energy consumption of these AIs is astronomical!

In any event, hold onto your hats. We are in for one helluva ride!

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