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2021 Utah Road Trip Day 1

Written by Jeff Drake
9 · 11 · 21

2021-09-10 Nampa, Idaho


It was a long drive today, uneventful, which is what you want when you haven’t reached your target destination yet. Our destination, BTW, is Moab, Utah, where we’ll spend a week.

Lisa and I traded off driving, which made the trip quite nice. Lisa is great company (of course, I’m a bit biased) and she really gets us organized.  I’m a lucky guy!

We passed the time by listening to podcasts off of Amazon Prime. We were planning on listening to some of our favorite BBC shows, but then she read about a podcast by journalist Ezra Kline. I recally like this guy and we decided to give his show a try. We weren’t disappointed!. Each show covered an interesting topic. We especially enjoyed the one about octopusses. Another one was an interview with the guy who wrote the book that the movie “Arrivals” was based on. It was an interesting discussion about syfy, AI, ethics, etc. We both liked it a lot!

You know that octopusses can shoot a dark liquid called “ink,” right? They do this when they are scared and use the cover to sneak away. But did you know that some have been ovserved not just shooting ink, but shooting ink that actually resembled an octopus? Evolution, man. What an awesome thing!

Nothing much of interest here in Nampa, Idaho, although the locals would probably disagree with me, and then, maybe not, Not many folks following the mask mandate. Maybe the fact that the hospitals in Idaho are filling up with covid cases so bat that accident victims are being driven to other states is connected to not many wearing masks?  Ya think? I do.

Tomorrow we’re off to Park City, Utah, where we’ll spend 2 mights. We are taking a day to recharge our batteries and check out some trails and scenery.

Neither of us know anything much about this place, other than it is a ski resort in the winter. We read that summers are great, too, so we’re expecting a lot of tourists.

Till then!

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