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Hello 2018!

Written by Jeff Drake
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A New Year consciousness stream…

2017 is quickly receding into the past and we are already into our second week of 2018. I think I can safely say that, presidential politics aside, overall it was a good year for me and I have no reason to complain.

2017 was the first time that I wrote down some of the things I wanted to get done during the year. Admittedly, New Year resolutions get a lot of negative press, but I suspect that has more to do with the rate of failure most of us experience as we look back on them one year later. After all, who likes to be reminded of their failures?

One thing I am trying to learn is to keep the details of such things to myself, thus any verbal beatings about the head and face for failing happen in my head, as opposed to having someone else do it each time they remind me that my last attempt at doing something was unsuccessful. I learned this lesson when I was quitting smoking years ago. So many attempts. So many failures! Having to face my mate and friends after once again failing to quit was extremely painful.

It’s the same with dieting. For example, “yo-yo dieting” is, I think, merely a euphemism for repeated failures. It is much better to keep your efforts to diet to yourself. Why? Because while I learned that one should keep their repeated attempts at doing something difficult to oneself, one has to keep trying! As my grandmother used to remind me, if you fall off a horse you HAVE TO climb back on again, or risk never riding again. And activities like quitting smoking and dieting are health-related, possibly life-saving actions that you cannot afford to give up on!

So, while I can tell you that I am working on resolutions for 2018, I will spare you the list, other than to say that I expect at least one activity I will attempt to be extremely difficult. No pain, no gain, right? In 2017 I had seven activities identified and managed to pull off five of them. I’m going to give myself a break and take that as a win.


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Jeff Drake

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