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On the Road Again (2022)

Written by Jeff Drake
9 · 05 · 22

Yep, we’re going on the road again!

Lisa and I began this year with an amazing return trip to Italy in March. We visited southern Italy for the first time and it is no lie that Sicily blew our minds! Photo highlights from our trip can be seen here:

As we get older, we are making a conscious decision to think about the places we’ve traveled to that we loved and consider them as candidates to visit once again. Four such places sprung to mind immediately: England, North Ireland, Scotland, and the Republic of Ireland. And so these are the target locations of our imminent travel adventure which we will be pursuing with our good friends, Mike and Denise.

England has been on our travel list ever since we first visited way back in 1991. Yikes, that was a long time ago! Admittedly, we spent little time there, considering the much longer trips we would eventually make to other countries. But travel to us then was still very new and shiny, and England did not disappoint us. We spent a few days in London and then took off for the Lake District, which we absolutely loved. We stayed in a B&B that was 400 years old. Such a great experience! Photos from our 1991 trip can be found here: England 1991. This same trip included our first journey to beautiful Scotland. The memories we have of this first trip to Scotland in 1991 are still fresh in our mind.

Later, in 2003, we returned to Scotland again as part of our trip to North Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. I have yet to post photos of this trip, although they can be seen in my Scotland travel video. We are so excited to go back to Scotland! We have zero problem revisiting any of the Scottish locations we saw in 2003. After all, this is a chance to get more and better photos! From Scotland we will catch a ferry to North Ireland.

Sadly, our return to North Ireland will consist of just a tour into Belfast to see where the Titanic was built, etc., as we head to our next destination, Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland. We fell in love with North Ireland in 2003. Even more sad is the fact that one of the locals we stayed with during our visit, Norman Walsh, has since passed, as has my cousin, Gwen Drake. Norman’s wife, Rosemary is still with us, but we will have no free time to see her.

A return to the Republic of Ireland is a must. I’m hesitant to say that it will be our last visit, but we’re not getting any younger and there are other places we need to revisit, as well as a few places we haven’t yet visited that are on our bucket list! So, we will have to make the most of this trip, just in case!

BTW, I have learned my lesson and will not promise to write a travel blog while I am still traveling. Our days tend to be so full of activities, there is little energy nor time  left in the evenings for writing. But there will certainly be a post-travel blog written after we return.!

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