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Marijuana Strain Review: Pandora’s Box

Written by Jeff Drake
7 · 25 · 17


Pot Shop: Human Collective II, Tigard
Hybrid: Sativa-dominant Hybrid
Grower: Local
THC Strength: 24.16%
# of hits: 4-5
Onset time: 1-2 minutes
Fade: 3.5 hours
Aroma Profile: Citrus, flowery.
Flavor Profile: Minty, grassy. If the color green has a flavor, this would be it. Pleasant.
Strength: 9 out of 10
Physical or Cerebral: Cerebral
Control: First hour is not one where I would want to be handling any heavy equipment! I just took a seat, sat back, and enjoyed the launch.
Emotions: Really euphoric.
Social Interaction: I’d recommend not trying to play a game of Jeopardy with straight people for the first 1.5 hours!
Physical Reaction: None to mention, very little dry mouth. I read this is due to using a vape. Maybe that’s the case?
Energy-level: High energy! After the launch, my mind was off to the races! I stayed up longer than usual due to this.
Pros: Everything about this strain was wonderful!
Cons: None.
Notes: Holy crap! What amazing weed! Pandora’s Box is a trip!

I didn’t find all of Pandora’s evil in the world, instead I went on a wild ride through the peaks and valleys of my mind!

The first hour was one big rush, the kind of rush that has you checking the clock occasionally and mumbling, “Holy crap!”. The second hour was pure bliss. The third hour was a beautiful, mellow, high. The fourth hour was this wonderful, gradual descent followed by a warm mental hug. I look forward to more of this strain!

Purchase Date: 10/2015


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