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Medical Marijuana Review: Doctor Terpene Relief

Written by Jeff Drake
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Date: 2022-08-16 This product has been renamed and is now called “Doctor Terpene Relief” medication.

The following is my review of a medical marijuana pain medication I have been using for a month:

Background data:

I have been diagnosed with Hallux Rigidus, a malady affecting the big toe and is sometimes called “stiff toe”. You may have heard of “turf toe”, a common football injury where the big toe is stubbed and jammed into your foot. Hallux rigidus is a permanent injury that can be caused by turf toe. In my case, according to my doctor, my hallux rigidus is due to the cartilage pad (that acts as a buffer between my right big toe and the rest of my foot) being flattened and thinned, due to arthritis, until it is barely visible in an x-ray. Thus, for me, the cartilage cushion preventing me from experiencing painful bone-on-bone rubbing in my foot is essentially gone. The result of this was a reduction in my ability to hike (something I love to do) and generally, walking much slower than usual, all due to chronic pain emanating from my big toe. Beyond the hallux rigidus, I’m 66 and have osteoarthritis, resulting in aches and pains in my joints. While not severe, the aches are definitely something I have to contend with regularly and are unpleasant, to say the least.

Prior Treatment:

I have a medical prescription for Naproxin. Naproxin is just the official drug name for the product most of us know as Aleve. Any Aleve you buy over the counter (OTC) will be a maximum of 250mg per dose. My Naproxin prescription is for 500mg per dose. The maximum Naproxin allowed per day is 1000mg (2 Naproxin per day or 4 Aleve). Any more than this can result in some rather bad side-effects. Naproxin is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). NSAIDs are very powerful drugs and my experience has been that 2 Naproxin per day take care of the pain I have for both my foot and general arthritis.

The search for a solution:

I have been concerned about the possible long-term effects of taking 1000mg of Naproxin every day. NSAIDs can affect your heart and stomach and cause bleeding issues, and I have a rather bad stomach already, I don’t need to make it any worse. So, I had heard and read a few things about medical marijuana and stories of people who have used marijuana to ease their pain and I decided I would try to find a product that could replace my Naproxin.

My results using Doctor Terpene:

My search eventually led me to a local dispensary (Westside Wellness) and the discovery of Doctor Terpene Pain medication. For the past month, I have been taking 1 Doctor Terpene pain pill per day and have been able to completely stop using my Naproxin prescription as a result!

One Terpene pill per day has allowed me to essentially forget about the pain in my foot, about equivalent (in my experience) to taking 1 OTC Aleve. While this was both surprising and great, I noticed that if I push myself, I can still get some pain in my foot (although it disappears when I stop pushing myself), which is exactly the case I found using 1 OTC Aleve and which caused me to eventually request a Naproxin prescription from my doctor, because 1 Naproxin and there was NO pain, even if I stressed my foot. So, I wondered what would 2 Terpene pills do? I then tried it and found that 2 Doctor Terpene pain pills easily compared to 1 prescription Naproxin dose. To me, this was amazing!

Bottom Line:

Although I have smoked marijuana for 45 years, I have been a medical marijuana skeptic in the past. Let me assure you, I am no longer a skeptic. I am now a believer! Granted, all I am sharing with you in this review is my own subjective experience, but I have now been using it long enough to know that my symptom relief is real. But, don’t take my word for it, try it yourself! I really believe that you won’t be sorry.


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