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1990 Thailand

Our very first international family vacation!

We only had time to tour Bangkok, but barely scratched the surface. We visited the palace, of course, and experienced a wonderful Klong tour and spent time enjoying the floating market!

2007 Vietnam

In 2007 I returned to Vietnam with my wife and son. My first time back since spending 19 months there during the war. The experience was thrilling due to memories of just how dangerous it was in 1970, but also cathartic as it allowed my once-technicolor memories of the war to lessen as I witnessed how Vietnam has moved on from the war. Soon my memories began to be seen as grey with a patina of age, given how much time has passed since the war. I highly recommend a visit for any veteran!

We visited Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon); Dalat (the old French capital), a city I frequented during the war and Don Xuon, 

2007 Cambodia

After visiting Vietnam, we spent a few days in Cambodia touring Angkor Wat, a truly spectacular historic place!

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