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Introducing Jeff’s Journal

Written by Jeff Drake
8 · 19 · 22

While I have been writing some about my passions, like philosophy, science and travel, I have been wanting to write about other things that are more personal, and sadly, I’ve been putting this off for years.  Indecision sucks! But now I say” “Enough is Enough!”

I can’t put off writing any more. I’ve been floating for too many years on a cloud of excuses. I’m sick of hearing them bounce around my brain! The fact is that I’m on the high side of 71 years of age and last I checked, I’m not getting any younger. If I’m going to commit some of my memories and thoughts to digital paper, then I damned well better start now, before it literally is “too late.” Tick, tock!

Towards this end, I’ve decided that I’m not going to agonize over what I should write about. I’m not even going to worry about what to call this. Is it a memoir? Is it a journal? Is it a diary? The answer is, “Yes!” For lack of a better term, I’ll call it a journal, but what I write will run the gamut of possibilities. I am just going to wing it and follow my instincts while reminding myself that the whole point is to write, to get my thoughts written down.

So, who am I writing for? This is a question that has to be asked and answered. The truth is I am writing for myself, first and foremost, because I must. A friend of mine from the bottom of the world was kind enough to remind me of this several years ago. Sure, I’d love it if others found my words worth their time, but I know there is no guarantee of this. That’s the risk in writing anything. Artists paint because they have to. Poets write poetry for the same reason. I’m definitely no poet, nor artist, but likewise, I have to write.

I’ve been debating all morning whether I am going to post this journal as a blog entry on my website, or just keep it in a desktop folder for posterity in the off chance someone in my family will find it and read it after I’m gone. The genealogist in me is saying that leaving it up to chance to be discovered on my PC is too big a risk, that regardless of whatever little value I may place on my thoughts and memories, there is always the chance that someone in the distant future, some future grandchild perhaps, will think reading my journal is one of those wonderful “genealogical treasures” we all love to discover. It’s a nice thought.

Enough already. I’ve decided. I will create a Journal blog category on my website and post my journal entries there. I keep an additonal Word-based version of each post, so I’ve covered all my bases as far as storage and future accessibility.

The thing about writing a blog post is that I’m never quite sure who is going to read it, which is kind of fun to think about, actually. I mean, who are you? You could be a family member, a friend of mine, or a stranger from the internet who just happened upon my blog by chance. Yet I do know something. I know that it doesn’t matter.

My life, the people I have known, the places I have seen, the experiences I’ve had, comprise my personal memories. They are mine alone and without them I am nothing. Personal and precious, having others lay eyes upon them won’t change them. They are what they are, and I cherish them. Truly, I’m rich beyond my wildest dreams with memories. And I’m happy to share them with you. Good, bad, ugly, warts and all.

I have to face the fact, of course, that along with my joyful and humorous memories, some of the memories I want so share are going to be… difficult. Perhaps you can relate, but some of my emotional memories have deep roots. Although years may have passed, the emotional impact I can experience upon digging them up can be immediate, and in my face. Hey, that’s life isn’t it? So be it.

I am looking forward to writing about some of the people I have known in my life. I am not sure how to say this without it sounding like a cliché or somehow trite, but I have been blessed with meeting some really interesting people in my life. I know, I know. We all have, right? That says something about the amazing world we live in, doesn’t it? Even so, to me, some of the interesting people I met were, in my opinion, above and beyond what most would consider interesting. They were special to me and deserve special attention. You’ll know them when you read about them. I just hope I can do them justice.

A few of these people were almost spectral in the sense that they were only in my life for a few memorable moments before disappearing as they returned to their own trajectory in life. Others were direct influencers in my life, for good or ill, pulling and pushing me in one life-altering direction or another. Some became my friends. A few became my enemies. As my story unfolds, you will soon discover that my friends are very important people to me.


Let us know what you think…



  1. Renee Pelissier

    Your journal is very important to read. I thank you so much for keeping Crissie spirit up and mine each time I am in the hospital. Just knowing you and Lisa is a wonderful and I enjoy reading about your trips. Thank you.

    • Jeff Drake

      Hi Sis! Thanks for reading! I’ll call you.


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Jeff Drake

Retired IT consultant, world-traveler, hobby photographer, and philosopher.