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Introducing the AI Landscape

Written by Jeff Drake
12 · 27 · 23

Introducing the AI Landscape:

Are you hearing a lot about AI (artificial intelligence) these days? If not, then you just aren’t listening, because AI is the rage right now. It’s all over the news and Youtube is full of videos on the subject. So much so, that it can get confusing if you’re new to the subject.

So, to help folks come to grips with what is happening in AI, I have created this area of my blog which will be dedicated to simply pinning, if you will, things that you may find useful interpreting the various articles and videos you may read or see on the subject of AI. In this sense, you can always come back here to review a term, phrase, or concept that suddenly appears in whatever news feed you follow.

I hope the posts in this section of my blog will prove useful to those who don’t have the time, interest, or feel the need to follow the topic closely, but still don’t want to be left behind, because, and I mean this sincerely folks  – hang on to your hat – the Singularity is coming.

Please allow me to guide you for a brief time.


Let us know what you think…



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